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In today's post from Creams to Scrubs!
In today's post from left Grease Lightning, Dream cream, Mint Julips lip scrub, Mask of Magnaminty and Bubblegum lip scrub!

Finally after months of trying to find spare time my blog is up and running! Instead of rambling on about introducing myself I thought I'd go straight in with a new brand I've been absolutely loving lately in all aspects of their products- lush! This might come to a surprise to many of you as I'm only just getting my claws into the brand, but as my local branch only opened just over a year ago I finally delved into the brand. I decided to give you an insight to all of my lush products, but decided to break it into two parts one being the constant lush line which is in today's post followed by a second post showing some of the festive lush bits I managed to pick up over the festive season!

Grease Lightning
My first purchase (or should it be gift received from my mum) was the lush grease lightning spot treatment for when I first started pesky skin problems. I remember seeing someone post this on Instagram and thought for the size was extremely overpriced. But I was wrong! This goes such a long way seeing as I've been using it over a year and its still going strong. This product is perfect for when you feel a spot on the horizon. A pump of this and your good to go!

Dream Cream
Dream cream is exactly what it says on the tin- it does wonders!! I first of all came in contact with the product when one of my mums friend gave us a sample to help with my sisters skin. I have a major oily t-zone which seem to constantly be erupting lately, on the flip side I have incredibly dry skin around my eyebrows. This product is super rich in moisturising properties which has helped calm down my dryness around this area, and also helps with calming down my t zone as well! 

Mask of Magnaminty
Mask of Magnaminty is up next and is defiantly one of my holy grail lush products even after such a short period. I was introduced to the product while I was watching Nicole on you tube when she had such high praise for the product so popped into my local lush and picked a large tub up. Having my skin in such a bad state lately this is such a saviour! The mask is easy to apply and shows results instantly calming the skin in a instant, making this my star lush buy.

Bubblegum Lip Scrub
Both of the next two products come under the lip scrub area so thought I'd stick them together. I own both the Bubblegum (my favourite) and the Mint Julips which tastes exactly like after eight mints!!! They both do wonders for the lips especially in the colder months. Although there isn't that much to say about these they are great defoliators for your lips and defiantly go a long way! Along with a variety of flavours and textures for everyone you cant go wrong.

Have you tried any of these products or have any suggestions? I'd love to hear them! Stay tuned for part two of Lush brand focus on more of their festive products!


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